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We believe it is the handler’s obligation to understand his or her dog, not the dog’s obligation to understand the handler.

We are committed to creating a socially supportive environment that promotes sportsmanship and pride in ourselves and our dogs as we pursue and achieve our training accomplishments.

We are committed to providing our students with appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

We are committed to inspire, educate, and problem solve while respecting each student’s individual goals and ability.

We believe in continual learning: our profession is based on knowledge that is evolving. Our success depends upon creative and up-to-date training.We are committed to advancing dog training locally and globally.

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Our Dog Training DVD

Sandy's new video, "One Jump, Two Jump" is available. Order your copy now from Clean Run or contact your local instructor.

$60 for the 4 DVD boxed set (includes 63 pg. drills workbook)

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What happens at ACE… stays at ACE…
— Jay & Kilo