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What is Agility?

The technical definition: Agility is a sport that consists of an obstacle course that handlers guide their dogs through. In competitions the dogs and their handler must perform the course accurately in a pre-determined amount of time to pass the judge’s test. The course is always different. The dog with fastest time of all the accurate dogs is the winner.

The Ace definition: Agility is a highly addictive and super fun sport that challenges you and your dog’s brain and body.
It is intense teamwork. It is primo bond building.
It is the ultimate high for dog lovers.

Who does agility? Your everyday dog lovers and your hard core athletes. Our students come in all shapes and sizes and so do their dogs.

Do I need to compete? It is up to you. Dogs shine when they have an opportunity to do so whether they compete or not.

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I work out at ACE whenever I can. Keeps the edge off.
— Kep