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Agility Classes for
Experienced Handlers

Group Classes

Sandy Rogers and Pat White offer on-going group classes and specialty classes only in Rio Linda (Sacramento Area).  Subscribe to our newsletter and/or facebook to stay current with our offerings.

Sequence and Course Work

Agility 102 is a prerequisite for Sequence and Course Work
6 week session
Cost: $200

For any student working on full height equipment. Students in these classes are learning the fine art of handling obstacle sequences as well as perfecting real course work. Sequence and Course Work classes make up the majority of our classes and there is a range in skill set from class to class. Any student can take their skills to the highest of standards in these classes. Many of these classes are primarily students who are competing successfully at local trials. Instructors will ensure that all students get into the best class for them. If you are experienced, but new to ACE, contact us to find the right class for you and your dog. You can “try-on” any class at anytime and then join the one that suits you best.

Competition Classes

Sequence and Course work or prior instructor approval is a prerequisite for Competition Classes.
6 week session
Cost: $200

Our competition classes are for those masters-level handlers working to compete at the National level. These classes are for those who have extensive experience and take agility very seriously. You are welcome to watch any of these exciting classes or try them on for size if you are ready to train with the best!

Ongoing Classes

There are no upcoming events at this time.