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Ashley DeaconInstructor

    Ashley Deacon is one of the most accomplished agility competitors in U.S. history.

    He’s been competing since 2004 and we were fortunate to have him join the ACE team in 2014. Ashley says, “Agility keeps me and my dogs active and has allowed us to develop a strong connection.”

    As an instructor, Ashley loves sharing knowledge with his students and seeing them grow more confident as handlers. He also enjoys making class a fun experience where dogs and handlers can bond and develop great teamwork. Ashley’s strengths as an instructor include creating fun courses with interesting handling challenges that require creative solutions unique to each team. He encourages each student to find the solutions that work best for their handling level and dog’s ability. Ashley says a highlight of instructing is “seeing handlers try new moves that I can focus on helping them execute as well as possible.”

    His two Pyrenean Shepherds, Luka and Dash, have taken the agility world by storm. Luka represented the USA in international competition 4 times, winning the individual gold in 2011 and a team silver in 2009. Luka and Ashley have won USA National Championships an astonishing 13 times. Luka has the Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award. Luka is gone now, but she lives in her place in agility history and will never be forgotten.

    Dash followed in Luka’s footsteps all the way to World Competition, competing in Spain in 2016.
    “Dashy” is also a two time USA National Champion: 2014 and 2017