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Carrie ZollerInstructor

    Carrie’s lifelong passion for dog training started with playing a mean game of hide and seek with her beagle Bonnie when she was a little girl. She came to ACE as a student in 2010. Impressed with her in so many ways, we convinced her to start teaching for us in 2012.

    When asked about what she enjoys the most about teaching agility, Carrie responded, “I love getting to witness a dog figure out what their handler is asking of them and seeing that ‘Aha!’ moment. But more so, it’s that instant when I see my student recognize the significance of their dog’s ‘Aha!’ experience that gives me the goose bumps. Those are the moments when the student’s dog transforms into a canine partner, and I consider it a privilege to be there during that process.”

    What she loves about doing agility is that it has both mental and physical components. This is what makes agility challenging and fun for her. Carries says, “Figuring out how to handle a course given the understanding and communication between you and your dog is tremendously fun! It’s like a chess game that involves running around with your best friend!!”

    Carrie’s dog family includes Dozer, a red Border Collie, a rescue hound mix named Kiya and a rescue dog named Zadie. Kiya has excelled in both agility and nose work classes and Dozer made it to the top levels of local competition in two organizations as well as winning the US Open Championship Speed Stakes in 2012. Dozer is retired and Zadie is poised to take the helm. Kiya is currently referred to as “The Duchess of the Couch.”