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Nancy CampanileInstructor/Office Manager

    Nancy has been with ACE since its founding in 1999 and has been competing in agility since 2000. She started training dogs in 1996.

    Nancy loves teaching people the sport of agility, whether or not they plan to compete. She says that the biggest rewards for her come from seeing the sparkle in a student’s eye when their dog “gets” the game. According to Nancy, “There’s nothing better than creating that unique bond with the dog and handler that agility provides; it is a feeling of ‘becoming one’.”

    Nancy spent many years working with both Lab Rescue and in Pet Assisted Therapy. Her efforts were focused on training in both arenas. She rehabilitated dogs’ behavior so they could be placed into loving homes. Nancy also taught students how to teach their own dogs the many skills needed to excel as therapy dogs.

    Nancy’s first agility partner was a rock star Labrador named Tucker. He was very accomplished in both obedience and agility, competing for years at the highest level. Tucker won a national event in 2005!
    Nancy’s pack grew to include another rescued Labrador, Maggie, an Australian Shepherd named Chili, a Border Collie, named Lexi, and a Labrador named Jay. She made each of them into agility champions. Chili and Lexi, like Tucker, competed at multiple national events, landing Nancy on the podium twice!
    Tucker, Maggie ,Chili and Lexi have all passed on, leaving Nancy’s heart with Jay.