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The ACE Way

Reliable skills through chemistry & communication

The ACE Way is Sandy Rogers’ approach to dog training and the sport of dog agility. It works for the person looking to win a national agility championship, and for the person looking to do the best they can, with the dog they have, no matter the goal. Using this approach, ordinary people can teach their dogs extraordinary things.

The concept is simple: Sandy’s students learn how to be the best dog trainers, agility handlers and, if they choose, competitors that they can be. The ACE Way provides students with all the tools they need to excel, because Sandy excels in all three areas herself.


Training is approached by students learning how to build on or enhance the natural chemistry they have with their dog. This results in them having a positive, fun way to influence their dog. Students  develop a communication system that can be relied upon. The system includes verbal and physical cues used in and out of agility and strong 2-way communication is created during play and games. All of these tools are continually enhanced while navigating everyday life. Once chemistry and communication are working well together, students can then teach their dog the skills they desire with confidence.

Effective handling techniques are developed to ensure a reliable performance. Students learn how to communicate clearly with their dogs by developing a consistent verbal and physical language for cueing. The level of consistency that is practiced enables the dogs’ obstacle and directional skills to strengthen, not deteriorate. This is the key to navigating courses smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to competing, the ACE Way is all about embracing what matters the most to each individual as they discover and achieve their goals. You will evolve into the competitor that you want to be. 

Agility handlers can face a variety of unique challenges when they compete. Understanding those challenges and solving them is not only part of excelling in competition, but loving it as well. The goal is to create and maintain personal satisfaction as you compete.

The ACE Way is reliable, effective and very rewarding – make the ACE Way, your way.

ACE Philosophy

  • Once we decide that we want our dogs to understand us, we must be willing to understand them. We will have a role to fulfill, a commitment to uphold. I look at the  decision to train a dog as a precious opportunity to  enhance two lives. 
  • When I train my dog I am obligated to fulfill my role, it is  an important undertaking and one that brings me a great deal of joy.  
  • I look at this role in my dog’s lives as that of a teacher, or mentor, more than a parent or an equal. A loving, kind, informed, teacher that is not in a hurry or impatient. I expect to bring my best to my dog’s education. 
  • I aspire to understand them and meet their needs while guiding them and setting appropriate boundaries that will keep them both safe and welcome in society. 
  • I am committed to learning what I need to learn to meet the individual requirements of each dog that comes into my life. My profession dictates that I inspire every student I teach to do the same. 
  • I believe that if we look at our dogs as our pupils, and ourselves as dedicated teachers we will discover what our dogs are capable of. The training skills we develop will benefit every dog that crosses our path in the future. We will expand our own compassion, empathy and patience in all areas of our lives. If we choose to.