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ACE Online with Sandy Rogers

Courses & Webinars

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Our complimentary webinar ‘Introduction to the 3 Hats of Agility’ is a great place to start.

Self-Study Courses

Our self-study courses are pre-recorded videos that are either formatted into online courses or webinar recordings.

Introduction to the Three Hats of Agility:
Complimentary Pre-Recorded Webinar

This complimentary webinar might be all you need to identify where you need to concentrate your efforts to improve in agility. After watching it you will understand yourself as your dog’s trainer and handler and yourself as a competitor. You will see why identifying your strengths and weaknesses in these three very specific areas is so important to progress. After watching the video you will clearly know if you need to explore The Three Hats of Agility Webinar Triology

The Handlers Hat: Being the Handler Your Dog Understands
The Handlers Hat: Being the Handler Your Dog Understands

Finally! Your dog will have what he/she has always wanted: a consistent, clear and reliable driver. This pre-recorded webinar offers solutions to typical handling dilemmas. You will learn the basic physical skills that the top handlers have before they can do agility well. You will learn how to assign all arms, feet, eyes and mouth a clear job.

The Teachers Hat: Dog Training The ACE Way
The Teachers Hat: Dog Training The ACE Way

In this pre-recorded webinar you will learn how to be the teacher your dog needs you to be. You do this by building on, or enhancing the natural chemistry you have with your dog while you simultaneously create a reliable system of communication. The actual teaching of the desired skill is only commenced once the chemistry and communication are working well together.

The Competitors Hat: Being the Competitor You Want to Be
The Competitors Hat: Being the Competitor You Want to Be

In this pre-recorded webinar I will share how I have become the competitor I truly want to be. I have worked with many talented trainers that were also good handlers that still could not reach their goals because aspects of competition were in the way of success or enjoyment. When you explore yourself before, during and after you compete you will discover what needs to be enhanced and what needs to be eliminated in order to be the competitor you want to be.

Title: The Three Hats of Agility Program – Bundle Deal

The Three Hats of Agility program teaches students how to be extremely specific and detailed when they address their handling techniques, their competition practices, and their dog’s training. The Three Hats of Agility is not just theory, it is a plan of action that is flexible and has proven effectiveness. It is perfect for the beginner and seasoned trainer alike.


This bundle deal includes the Teachers Hat, Handlers Hat, and Competitors hat with a savings of $29.97!


The three essential skills taught in BAM can be kept quite basic or combined into advanced handling skills. Perfect for puppies or adult dogs. No agility equipment is needed.

Training and Maintaining 2-On/2-Off Contacts

If you want a reliable 2-On/2-Off contact performance that can stand the test of time while trialing, then this course is for you. Learn WHY this behavior is easier to obtain then it is to maintain long-term. You will learn how to practice in a way that protects your training investment, instead of depleting it.

Feet First

This is the course advanced handlers say they wish they had taken sooner! Learn how to steer your dog on course by using consistent footwork to cue turns and set lines. If you want to understand handling in general before focusing on line setting and turn cues take ‘The Handlers Hat’ pre-recorded webinar first.

Training and Maintaining 2-On / 2-Off Pre-recorded Webinar

Improve the speed, accuracy, and independence of your 2-on/2-off contacts.



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