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Agility Instructor Coaching

The teaching of agility is complex and presents many challenges for instructors. Sandy offers practical help for the agility class instructor and school owner. Since 1999 she has owned, operated and taught at ACE Dog Sports. ACE was a small school grown into a large school with both in-door and out-door locations. Sandy started earning income outside the classroom in 2009 when she began publishing her teaching material.

Private and group coaching sessions are available to any instructor looking for ongoing support and guidance or short-term troubleshooting.

Sandy’s expertise can help in these areas and more:

  • Equipment purchase decisions
  • Facility design
  • Schedule management
  • Generating income from your waitlist
  • Decreasing class attrition
  • Student management challenges: 4-legged and 2-legged
  • Curriculum tweaks and overhauls
  • Implementing ACE Dog Sports programs into your current curriculum
  • BAM! Dog Trainer Certification

For BAM! Certification contact Sandy.

1-hour Private Consultation for Instructors - $90
1-hour Private Consultation for Instructors - $90

Online Group Coaching for Instructors

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