Dog School Rules

Please know our policies are based on 20 years of trying to be fair to all our students and not go broke in the process.
If you are the exception to any of these rules just SPEAK!! (contact us)

The Payment Stuff:

Everyone must PAY before they play, this means on or before week #1 of the class session. It also applies to all clinics and special events, rentals and private lessons.

When you register for your class or event that is the time to PAY, it is the only way we can hold a place for you. I’ll say it again: you are not officially enrolled in any class, clinic or special event until you have paid for it.

You may only participate in class on the day and time you have registered for. You can buy as many additional classes as you want, as long as there is space available and the instructor approves. We call it “pick-up classes”. Classes you can “pick-up,” get it?

If you are going to be absent please tell your instructor; they probably know someone that would love to “pick-up” your spot. No insider trading please; who gets your spot is up to us.

There is no way to make up or get credit for your missed class(es); yesterday is sadly gone.

If you have to take a leave of absence from your class we can only hold your place in that class if you pay for it. We can’t provide refunds after the start date of any class session or clinic or special event or rental. We will refund in full with 72 hours advance notice. Anything later than that will depend on our ability to fill the space.

SORRY!! NO refunds for: Dog aggression, schedule conflicts, illness, injury (dogs or people) or lack of control over your dog or yourself.


Keeping my neighbors happy is a team effort, and you are on the team!
Thank you for understanding the difficulties of obtaining a lease for a dog business in San Francisco.

Don’t let your dog pee all over car tires or the entrances of the neighboring businesses.

Park in front of Ace or on the side of Ace. If you park in front of another business they may ask you to move. Please be gracious and let your instructor know you were approached.

Do we need to even talk about picking up poop? Good.

Dogs can’t be left in cars if they are going to bark and be a nuisance to the neighbors.  Assume that car security could be an issue; it is the city, after all.

For bitches in heat, please contact your instructor before you come to class.

You can bring your friends and family to class with you if that’s what you really want.  We are hoping you have at least as much control over them as you do your dog.

Your mother doesn’t train here … please, clean up after yourself and your little dog too!

You are welcome to use our bedding for your dog’s comfort.
Please put it back when you are done, even if it was already in the crate when you got there. This applies only in the training room, not the lounge area.

The floors cost a fortune and while they are the best cushion and traction a dog could ask for they do not clean well. For that reason we can’t allow any food or drinks in the training room; please keep all food and drink in the lounge area. It would be good to check your shoes on the way in, too…

All instructors and attendants have the authority to ask any handler to remove their dog from the building or a car for any reason.

A Note to the Dogs:

When you are working on course feel free to verbally express yourself. Live it up; bark your head off. But if you can’t keep it together after your run is done you’re gonna have to chill in the lounge area, maybe with your crate covered up with a bed sheet. Could be embarrassing.

You can bring another dog pal from home with you if your instructor says it’s cool, but they have to behave.

Don’t leave the training room without your leash on. The life you save could be your own.

If you are a newbie, you aren’t allowed to play on the equipment before class starts, no matter how badly you want to!

You should not be limping or have any other limiting physical issues; even those few extra pounds may soon be addressed.

You should have already learned how to come when you are called and how do a sit and down stay… if you need help with that SPEAK! (contact us)

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